Foodservice Equipment Rental Customer Charter

Our Commitment to ‘You’!

Foodservice Equipment Rental grew out of PKL’s desire to take its product and design knowledge, and commitment to high customer satisfaction to a wider range of businesses within the foodservice market.

To maximise the value of the offer, for the first time we have included a contractual purchase option into our product range.

While this was a small final piece to complete our product range, we understood that this new suite of offers would include financial products that would bring with them additional rules and regulations, especially when dealing with consumers.

Although this was a new challenge for PKL/FER, we felt that these mandated levels of consumer protection around financial products fitted in well with the approach to transparency and quality that we have always made a priority for all of our customers.

As such, here are your rights and our commitments:

Accurate and Suitable Information

A customer has the right to the full picture!

  • We will always provide required pre-contractual information at all stages throughout the quotation and order process.
  • We will ensure that all parties understand the detail and the main core concept of all contracts entered into.
  • We will NEVER mislead.

Advisers who are Competent

A customer has the right to responsible lending!

  • We will always review affordability and appropriateness before recommending or selling any of our products or services.

Firms that are Trustworthy

A consumer has the right to ‘cool off’!

  • We will STRICTLY accept and facilitate any required cancellation and returns within the prescribed 14 day notice period.

Clear Complaint Procedures

A customer has the right to be heard!

  • We will provide a clear and visible complaints process, with both feedback and resolution timeline guarantees.